Victory Beachwear Has Launched!

This post has been five years in the making. Today, I’m proud to announce that See the Stars has officially launched Victory Beachwear, a brand that will create beachwear that inspires self love, inclusion, and kindness. Our ambitious mission is to make beachwear that works for all bodies. Our team lives by a simple credo, “It takes all kinds.” If you are like me, you have worked hard to become the person you are. To celebrate this “becoming,” Victory Beachwear is creating beachwear and swimsuits that will let you feel great in your own body. Read more about our values and the ethos at the heart of the brand, here.

Get a look at our first products

Our eCommerce store has launched with a series of t-shirts that embody our values and will motivate anyone seeking their own personal victories. Our Surf Collection seeks to create beach shirts and accessories that the beach lifestyle. We’re also hard at work developing the second iteration of our first swimsuit – The Chilmark. What is the Chilmark? Well, men’s suits come in two kinds: (1) Speedos that look good if you’re 2% body fat and (2) sloppy board shorts. Few of us feel great in either. Inspired by swimwear from 1920s and Thomas Hart Benton’s iconic painting, “People of Chilmark,” the Chilmark is a full coverage suit for guys who want to look great and feel confident at the beach or by the pool.

What’s next?

This spring we’re working hard hard on all of the things it takes to grow a brand from a startup into a mature business. Here’s what we’re up to:

  • Launching our promotional ads and email program
  • Building a community and brand presence on Instagram
  • Seeking input on the Chilmark swimsuit and manufacturing version two
  • Fine tuning the manufacturing process that supports the creation of t-shirts and hats
  • Constantly developing inspiring beachwear designs with input from all of you

Our team lives by a simple credo, “It takes all kinds.”

I just wanted to make one last reflection here. And, that is, for decades at parties people would ask me what I do for a living. I would respond quickly with a deadpanned, “I model. Swimsuits, mostly.” I would watch every one of them eye me up and down, looking at my love handles and doughie mid section. Today’s launch of Victory Beachwear is a great victory for me. So, to all of you that I’ve made this joke for at parties, have a look at the image below and enjoy!

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