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Two travelers stand on the top of a mountain, pointing at the Milky Way

See the Stars supports the tech and marketing teams that make the world more compassionate.

In Dante’s Inferno the travelers journey through the worst of Hell. When they emerge, they felt an amazing sense of relief and possibility when they looked above them and saw the heavens. We are excited to work with people who want to see the stars, again. Welcome.

How can we help you? Simply put, we build teams that create products, services, and programs that achieve business objectives. Here’s how!

  • Supporting Your Email Program: Our email studio, The Fastest Planet, specializes in expert email production, campaign management, and design, focusing on efficiency, custom solutions, and collaboration. We operate transparently on your email platform, delivering impactful campaigns for leading nonprofits and direct response agencies.
  • Developing High Performing Teams: We believe that when we understand our strengths, we can reach our personal potential and surround ourselves with people who help us exceed it. We use the Clifton Strengths Assessment as an objective basis for personal and team development.
  • Creating Amazing Products & Services: Whether you’re developing a strategic plan, introducing a new line of service, or creating a new software platform, we can help you do it. We root our approach in consumer research, behavioral psychology, and experience design. Our team has created programs to help organizations find and engage their audience, agencies introduce new services to their customers, software companies bring innovative products to market.
  • Hiring A+ Executives, Creatives, & Engineers: We’ve built a network of amazing colleagues who are experts in many disciplines (that’s you!). We love helping people find people and advance their careers.

Why are we qualified to help you? For nearly 25 years, we have supported teams at leading nonprofit organizations, venture-backed startups, and professional service agencies to transform their teams and lead them to growth. Our team of experts includes researchers trained in modern methods, Ph D. trained psychologists, creatives, and engineers who are passionate about making the world more compassionate.

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