Why do I need an agency in the first place?

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Let’s explore the importance of aligning your objectives with the decision to work with an agency.

In this article we’ll look into identifying and prioritizing the problems you want to solve and if an agency can help you do that. By revisiting your marketing objectives and creating a comprehensive list of challenges, you can determine the top 3-5 problems to focus on, allowing you to engage in meaningful conversations with potential agency partners. This exercise will help keep you focused on the most significant aspects throughout the process

A lot of businesses turn to agencies to solve their problems. What are the problems you want to solve by working with an agency? Notice, I didn’t ask, “What problems do you want your agency to solve?” That’s intentional, because whether your agency comes in and kicks ass; or, if they flop … you’ll still be held accountable for these things. It’s important not to lose sight of that responsibility.

First, revisit your marketing objectives. How will the success of your business be measured at the end of the year? In three years?

Assuming you work in the marketing space, will it be some combination of:

  • Driving millions of dollars in revenue?
  • Attracting gazillions of leads to support your work? 
  • Transforming your organizations’ approach to technology and measuring success? 
  • Changing the attitudes of an entire nation?

Regardless of the scale of your objectives, it is essential that your decision to find an agency aligns with and supports your marketing objectives. By identifying these at the start, you will always have a tangible yardstick to evaluate the impact of your agency investment on your actual business goals.

Second, make a list of current roadblocks. What is currently in the way of you achieving your objectives? Make this list comprehensive, the more issues you have, the more direction you’ll have when looking at agencies. Warning – take it from someone who knows – you may uncover much more than you were expecting. Don’t be afraid to write them down, though. It’s better to be honest with yourself by acknowledging a comprehensive list of problems rather than excluding the difficult ones because they seem overwhelming. Let’s look at the whole list and then agree we’ll deal with some now and others later. This approach allows us to confront challenges transparently and effectively, ensuring both immediate and future progress.

Third, prioritize the top 3-5 problems on that list. The best way to evaluate these issues are to answer this question: If this problem is solved, will this help me knock my objectives out of the park? At the end of the year you want to look back and see how each solution lead to another great leap in the success of your business. Reflect honestly about your team’s capabilities and competencies. What major bottlenecks on the list standout? Are these issues you’ve tried to resolve in the past?Consider what happens after these issues are solved, is there something else lying beneath the surface that will render the solution inadequate? For example, is everyone on your team spread too thin to handle the volume that might trickle in once business picks up?

Fourth, finalize your list (for now). With this list, you are able to articulate your needs to potential agency partners, and more importantly, it will help you evaluate how well any given agency can help you move the needle. Socialize this list with people you trust inside your organization. Listen to what they say and consider whether you should revise your list or priorities.
Now, if nothing else, you’re ready to start looking for an agency to help. Armed with a prioritized list of your objectives, the obstacles holding you back, and a problems an agency can help you solve, you are in a position to start your agency finding journey. You’re now able to effectively engage in clear and focused conversations about the specific role you want an agency to play in your success. As you progress through this process, you will have the tools to stay focused on the aspects that hold the greatest significance for you, your organization, or the business you represent.

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